A Plague Tale: Requiem announced at Xbox’s E3 2021 showcase


At the Xbox and Bethesda Showcase at E3 2021, Microsoft announces A Plague Tale: Requiem, which is set to be released for PC and Xbox Series X|S on Xbox Game Pass launch day in 2022.

The previous game by Microsoft, A Plague Tale: Innocence, launched in 2019, and since its release, the game quickly amassed a total of over 1 million sales. The game took place in France, and the story revolved around the survival of two children under the protection of the protagonist, Amicia, against a cruel priest who in order to further his own agenda, made an inquisition by spreading rats all over the country.

As the story of Innocence ends with one of the children, Hugo, gaining supernatural powers to control rats and both the protagonist, Amicia, and Hugo becoming fugitives in France, the story of A Plague Tale: Requiem is set to pick up from there..

What to expect from A Plague Tale: Requiem?

A Plague Tale: Requiem is a stealth-based action-survival game set in France where the main characters of the game, Amicia and Hugo, are set on their journey as fugitives. The game was revealed on the Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase as part of this year’s expo, E3 2021, with an extended reveal trailer along with a release date.

The trailer featured rats, an integral part of the previous game as both Hugo and Amicia set out on their journey. Both their character looks have been updated, as they both appear older than they were in the last game.

While fans of A Plague Tale: Innocence were left on a cliff-hanger, nobody expected A Plague Tale: Requiem to get a reveal this soon. But due to the sudden reveal at E3 2021, fans have been hyped beyond reasoning. But aside from the revealing trailer, no further information has been handed out by Microsoft on E3 2021.

The game is set to be released for both PC and Xbox Series X|S on the launch day of the Xbox Game Pass in 2022.


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