BISE Aga Khan Board 10th Class Result 2020 Matric / SSC Part 2 Result

Board BISE Aga Khan
Class 10th
Exams Date February & March
Result Date July
Status Announce
Year 2020
Result Type Annual

10th Class Result 2020 BISE Aga Khan Board

BISE Aga Khan Board 10th Class Result 2020 has been planned to publish in the month of July or August. The Matric / SSC exams was organize in February and August. Now, the students of BISE Aga Khan board waits their result day and night. The process of paper checking schedule almost to be finished. All updates regarded to result can be checked here. All the codifications of all boards will also be available here.

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BISE Aga Khan Board Matric / SSC Part 2 Result 2020

Along with all reforms, recruitment process and salaries of all the teachers and heads, undergone changes. Their salaries are increased to enable them to work with more efforts and passion.

Teacher attendance has improved to great extent, all the school related affairs are improved than previous manage mental system. The Govt also forces all the heads to make sure that the students testing is being done or not.

BISE Aga Khan Board 10th Class Result 2020 Check here.

As a result students testing is being done regularly now. And the govt is also making efforts to provide all the schools with necessary facilities and equipment’s. But still many effective ideas are need to take under consideration.

BISE Aga Khan Board Result 2020 for Class 10th

No doubt, BISE Aga Khan Board students are highly hopeful to get very good marks this year, as they make a lot of efforts and preparation for exams. But some cheaters are also violating the rules of the exams. So board has decided to make some changes to prevent cheating. So the hard work student get their right.

BISE Aga Khan Board Improve their Educational System

The factors contributing in improvement of result includes:

  • Year to year necessary changes in syllabus and rules of education
  • Improvement in facilities
  • Govt commitment in improvement of academic sector
  • Board’s head commitment and capabilities.
  • Improvement in exams halls and other facilities
  • Parent’s interaction
  • Use of modern technologies

BISE Aga Khan 10th Class Result 2020

Success is not the result of single activity or it is not gained in few minutes or some trial. It is the sum of all efforts of a person which it done in a specific task.

In this regard Robert collier has a thought that “Success us the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out”. He explains the point in more compact form. The secret of success is to do the common things uncommonly well. 

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How to Improve Yourself

Good things come to people who wait, but better things come to those who go out and get them. Wait for something’s, returns some benefit, but if try to find or search or do that then we find more effective results or returns.

In this regard the saying of Thomas Jefferson is that “I find that the harder I work, the more luck I seem to have”. This means the more we are hard work, the more we are closer to the success or our destination.

Real happiness lies in helping others. It should be our main purpose. The saying of Albert Schweitzer is that “The purpose of human life is to serve and show compassion and he will to help others”. The great person or great human being is that who has a desire to benefit others.

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