Euro 2020: group-stage tiebreakers


According to UEFA regulations, the following tiebreakers will be used at Euro 2020, in descending order, if two or more teams finish level on points in the group stage:

Head-to-head record

1. Number of points gained in matches played among the teams level on points

2. Goal difference in matches played among the teams level on points

3. Goals scored in matches played among the teams level on points

4. If criteria 1 to 3 fail to separate some but not all of the countries level on points, they are reapplied exclusively to the teams who still have an equal ranking

Overall group record

5. Goal difference in all group matches

6. Goals scored in all group matches

7. Penalty shoot-out (but only in specific circumstances – see below)

8. Number of wins in all group matches

Penalties could be used to separate teams tied on points in the Euro 2020 group stage. Georges Gobet (AFP)

Fair-play record

9. Lowest number of disciplinary points accrued during group stage (three points per straight red card; three points per sending-off for two yellow cards; and one point per yellow card)

Qualifying record

10. Position in overall rankings in qualifying for Euro 2020

When penalties will be used as a group-stage tiebreaker
If two teams finish level on points, goals scored and goals conceded after facing each other in a drawn final group match, a penalty shoot-out will be used to decide which country finishes higher.

If more than two teams are involved in a points tie, penalties cannot be used.

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