Homemade Flatbread | Easy and Freezer Friendly Flatbread


This easy Homemade Flatbread is soft, light, fluffy, and super flavourful! It’s a great simple bread recipe for beginners looking to make some homemade bread.

Carbs are my best friend. If you tell me that I need to cut carbs out of my life then we cannot be friends. I love how versatile flatbread is — you can snack on it, you can turn it into a flatbread pizza, turn it into a shawarma, dip it into saucy recipes, etc. And because of how versatile it is, I’ve been making my own to use throughout the week in various ways. I also have a giant jar of yeast that I bought and need to use up and this recipe for flatbread uses yeast! Seriously though, when you only use 1-2 tbsp of yeast at a time… a block of yeast takes a while to use up so this easy flatbread recipe is just what I need to help use up my yeast!

Overhead image of a stack of flatbread.

Why You’ll Love This Easy Flatbread Recipe

  • There’s some extra protein in this flatbread. Like my air fryer bagel recipe, this flatbread recipe uses Greek yogurt. It also gives our flatbread an extra tangy flavour to it.
  • While I use a mixer, this easy flatbread recipe can be made by hand. You’ll just have to knead it on a floured surface and give yourself a 5 minute arm workout!
  • This homemade flatbread recipe is way better than what I’ve had in stores. Seriously, H called it the best flatbread recipe because it’s so flavourful! Especially with the garlic and basil, yum, yum, yum!
Close up of flatbread.

What You’ll Need to Make Flatbread at Home

Overhead image of ingredients needed to make homemade flatbread with yogurt.
  • warm water — you want water that isn’t too hot or cold as you want your yeast to bloom. Too hot and you’ll kill your yeast, too cold and it won’t bloom. Lukewarm is pretty much water that’s warm enough for you to stick your finger in without it being uncomfortable. Around 100F to 110F (36.5C to 40.5C)
  • yeast — I use active dry yeast. You can also use instant yeast.
  • sugar
  • Greek yogurt — I used vanilla bean Greek yogurt. You can use plain.
  • oil — I used olive oil
  • salt
  • garlic powder
  • dried oregano
  • flour — I used good old fashion all purpose flour. Nothing fancy.
  • fresh basil

How to Make Homemade Flatbread


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