How to Freeze Butter | Quick and Easy Way to Freeze Butter


Stock up at the next sale and freeze your extra butter! Here’s how to freeze butter.

Butter in a container to be frozen.

I’m the type of gal who buys butter whenever it goes on sale. Like if there’s a maximum about that’s allowed to be purchased, I’ll purchase it. Butter can be so expensive and if you’re baking a lot or cooking a lot with it, then it adds up. So I like to freeze any extra butter I have so it lasts longer.

How to Freeze Butter

Method 1: Full block

  • Freeze butter in the original packaging in a block.
Block of butter.

Method 2: in ¼ portions

  • Follow the markings on the butter package and cut the butter into ¼ slices. Each package should be 8 slices.
  • Cut a sheet of parchment that has the same width as your butter.
  • Fold the parchment accordion style with the butter in-between.
  • Place the butter into an airtight freezer friendly container.
  • Thaw as needed or use directly from frozen.


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