Korean Zombie shocks everyone when he calls out Max Holloway in English (Video)


The Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung knows that he should be in the title picture after his win at UFC Vegas 29.

Chan Sung Jung (aka The Korean Zombie) speaks limited English, so he routinely uses his interpreters to share his thoughts with the media. However, when former UFC featherweight champion Max Holloway was suggested as a potential opponent, jUNG shocked the room by sharing his thoughts on Holloway in perfectly practiced English.

“Max, he doesn’t have punching power, but I have punching power. I can beat him.”

With nine performance bonuses in 12 fights in the UFC, Jung certainly does have the skill to put on spectacular fights. A match-up with Holloway would be a dream for fans of the division, but Jung wants a title shot first. We will have to wait and see because maybe the path both men need to get to a title fight against the reigning featherweight king Alexander Volkanovski is through each other.

Despite win, Jung wasn’t happy with his performance

Jung was not happy with his unanimous decision victory in his five-round main event against Dan Ige at UFC Vegas 29 at the UFC APEX in Las Vegas, NV.

“As he goes and moves up into the ranks, it’s getting harder and harder to get KO or submission. So he’s apologized for that, but, it was one of his first decisions in a long time. And, he’s happy with the performance. It’s just, he’s realizing it’s getting harder and harder as he climbs that ladder,” Jung said through an interpreter.

Still, Jung surprised fans and pundits alike, as many expected him to engage in an all-out brawl with Ige. Both stated that a brawl wasn’t out of the question prior to the fight.  However,  Jung and his camp had a different plan in mind.

“So everybody thought it was going to be a brawl. He was actually willing to brawl in there, but then, it was the Fight Ready coach’s game plan to actually mix it up, take him down, stuff like that. So after the first round, in the second round, he realized that he didn’t have to do that [brawl]. The game plan was working, so he continued to do it. This fight really gave him the confidence to realize that he can mix it up and be a world champion.”

The team’s game plan worked, as Jung was able to outwrestle a Division 3 wrestler in Ige. He secured three takedowns and controlled Ige, neutralizing his wrestling altogether.


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