Micah and Roy’s Road to Wembley episode 5 is the best yet


Sky duo Roy Keane and Micha Richards set out on episode five of their Euro journey to Wembley with special guest Gary Neville.

Micah Richards and Roy Keane have become comedy gold for Sky Sports in recent times. The two appear to have real chemistry and back and forth banter despite having played for rival sides of Manchester.

In the build-up to the Euros, the two have taken part in a small series titled “Road to Wembley”. It’s a banter-filled road trip show we didn’t know even know we needed. And what follows is hilarious chemistry between the two as they discuss all aspects of football.

Their latest episode, episode five in partnership with Sky Bet is arguably their best one yet. Both Roy and Michas’s comedic phrases have taken over social media and have been quoted all over the internet.

This episode sees Roy and Micha pick up special guest Gary Neville as they talk about England’s chances of a Euro 2020 win. Watch below for the best bits of episode 5 of the series as the European Championship officially kicks off tomorrow.

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