Pulling This Tarot Card Is A Sure Sign Your Life Is About To Change

The Wheel of Fortune card is all about change and cycles. It symbolizes the inevitability of change, beginnings, and of course, endings. According to author, tarot reader, and founder of Witchy Wellness, Leah Vanderveldt, it’s related to “what happens at the crossroads of fate and choice, where we break old patterns through choice.”

This card calls on the subject to be adaptable as they navigate these changes, Vanderveldt adds, and stay centered all the while. “When this card comes up, it’s a good time to ask yourself: How do you want to respond (to the good, bad, and everything in between)?

” she says.

It’s also a very expansive card, associated with Jupiter, and it reminds us that our thoughts and actions can reverberate. “How we harness the energy of The Wheel through our choices and mindset make all the difference,” Vanderveldt adds.

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