realme narzo 50i Review Philippines Entry-Level Basics

Realme is launching its new mobile will be called Realme Narzo 50i. It will be one of the latest mobiles by Realme. Realme Narzo 50i Price in Pakistan is Rs. 21,999. The smartphone is amazing internal specifications, camera setup, screen size, battery timing, and mobile performance.

realme narzo 50i Review Philippines Entry-Level Basics
realme narzo 50i Review Philippines Entry-Level Basics

The realme narzo 50i is an entry-level Android device that is suitable for the majority of use cases in the Philippines. Its performance is adequate for daily tasks such as browsing social media, accessing the internet, and binge-watching on YouTube and Netflix, but if you require more, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

realme, based in Shenzhen, has recently released some absolute bangers of devices. From the 8i, which we named our budget king, to the GT 5G, one of the most affordable smartphones on the market with a flagship Snapdragon 888 chipset. The narzo 50i now aims to be the best choice for casual phone users at the absolute entry-level level. How does it measure up?

The realme narzo 50i is available in two colors: neutral carbon black and our review unit’s pastel mint green.

In any case, the design is clean and simple. We’ve seen the waterdrop notch done a million times on other devices across the price spectrum by this point, so it’s nothing new. “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it,” as the old adage goes. The camera setup is on the back, with some Marzo branding, and there is a carbon-like finish from below the camera to the bottom of the phone. It’s a nice subtle touch from realme that adds character and texture to the phone’s backside.

The button and port layout are typical of a realme phone, though we’re disappointed that it’s one of the few realme phones still using an outdated MicroUSB port in 2021. The 6.5-inch LCD display on the narzo 50i is a very familiar panel, as realme has been using it for a number of its entry-level offerings for over a year now. Having said that, you get the same HD+ resolution, which is rather low for 2021 standards but is still a good resolution for watching videos.

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