The ‘Famous MLB fathers and sons’ quiz


Happy belated Father’s Day to all the dads out there.

If it seems as if there are a lot of second-generation MLB players these days, it’s because, well, there are a lot of second-generation MLB players in the league right now, as many as 50 according to one report. And one son who is making his dad extra proud this season is Vladimir Guerrero Jr. Vladdy Jr. made his debut in 2019, and while he showed flashes of brilliance early on, he is finally making good on the hype. The Blue Jays star leads all of MLB in home runs, RBI, on-base and slugging percentage, total bases and positional WAR. If he continues to play at this pace, he could very well join his pops on the list of MLB MVP winners. 

Which brings us to today’s quiz of the day. In honor of Father’s Day, let’s see how well you can recall some of the greatest father/son combinations from both the past and the present. How many of these famous MLB fathers and sons can you name in six minutes?

Good luck!


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