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The Himiway Cruiser Bike is fun and a beauty to ride. I love bikes, have many different kinds of bikes, and I ride a lot. This is an all-terrain electric fat bike. You can overcome many obstacles on this bike, including gravel, mountain terrain, off roads, snow, and beach. It couldn’t be a better ride for all the various rides you want to take in your area.

himiway cruiser bike
The Himiway Cruiser Bike


You will always want to ensure that you have a great battery on your new electric bike. The Himiway has a 48V 17.5AH Samsun Lithium-ion Battery. This means a longer battery life span and high performance (you don’t want a lag when you click on the electric.

himiway cruiser bike
48V 17.5AH Samsung Lithium-ion Battery

The Himiway battery has a long-range and is over 60 miles per charge (that range is many more than many bikes on the market). There is also a two-year warranty on the battery.

You’ll love the LCD, battery capacity, pedal assist level (you can adjust this power level, I like this option), you can set your current speed to max or average speed. You can read the motor power output in real-time (which I really like). Best ever — has a USB Charger — no more dead cell phone after a long ride.

You will be impressed with the 750W and 80Nm of torque at your disposal in the high-speed brushless gear hub motor. This means that there is enough power and torque to pull you up really tough mountain climbs.

himiway gear hub motor
750W Brushless Gear Hub Motor

A guy in my neighborhood just bought this bike for his adult son (heaviest) after just one ride on my Himiway — they both felt that the Himiway was the best they had tried. Grandpa also bought each of his two grandkids the Himiway Escape. These are quality bikes — you can see it, you can feel it.

Another cool thing about the Himiway is that they have community support on their website where you can ask questions and see what others are doing with their bikes. The site gives news and ideas about the best places to ride your bike and how to keep good posture on your bike, etc.

Image Credit: all images taken from the himiway website. thank you!

Image Credit: nur andi ravsanj; pexels; thank you!

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