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You are going to love your new VTech Video Baby Monitor — the “papalook” BM1 FHD 1080P. This is the Remote Pan-Tilt-Zoom Camera. This little camera has temperature and sound detection, playback recording, long-range, night vision, and lullaby mode. Check out vtech.factoryoutletstore.com. They are having a sitewide sale on a couple of its other products too. Relieve your anxiety about your little one with a baby monitor from VTech.


video baby monitor
Video Baby Monitor papalook BM1 FHD 1080P

What I like about the VTech Baby Monitor

My favorite feature on this baby monitor is the clear pic that you can get of the baby from your phone. It has a full HD 1080 camera — and it shows. The camera has a high-resolution camera that offers a great image. Even better on your 5″ handheld monitor receiver. The camera has all zooming ability to zoom in and out and pan view.

The two-way communication feature is nice in a two-way receiver microphone for a conversation that the baby can hear, understand and recognize the speaking voice (grammy appreciates that baby knows it’s her)!

VTech Baby Monitor
VTech Baby Monitor receives clear sound.


You can read on the Vtech site all of the high-tech stuff this video baby monitor provides and includes. It is also a “cute” look camera. I have gone into the baby’s room before and worried about the temperature (too cold with the air conditioning on) and it was nice to be able to remedy the situation quickly.

You will like that you can see the baby clearly day or night with the super rez camera sensor. Even in very low light — (low light has black and white), everything was perfectly clear.

The music is a light sound with eight popular songs — and it’s perfect.

Great camera — especially for the price.

vtech baby monitor
VTech Video Baby Monitor — the pic is clearer than other cameras


Image Credit: the VTech company website

Top Image Credit: laura garcia; pexels; thank you!

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